The Financial Plan

Is financial Planning right for me ?

What Do financial Planners do ?

A financial planner can complete a comprehensive review of your financial situation and equip you with a plan to help you achieve your short, medium and long-term goals. Subsequently, your plan can introduce to you new opportunities and also provide you with strategies to improve, grow and protect your wealth.

Who is financial planning for?

Many people think financial planning is just for the wealthy. However, financial planning can help people at all ages and at all levels of financial health. The sooner you start planning the more time you’ll have to achieve your financial goals. 

How can financial planning help me?

Your financial planner can help you do what's most important to you.

This could include, but of course, isn't limited to:


•   Setting financial goals that balance your needs for today and tomorrow

•   Creating a plan to help support your family, financially

•   Starting to invest or optimising your existing investment portfolio

•   Understanding the best way to use a windfall, an inheritance, a pay rise or a bonus            payment.

•   Maximising your super and your rollovers

•   Becoming debt-free

•   Planning for your retirement 

What can I expect?

How to start ?

Make an appointment and meet your financial planner in person, over the phone or by video conferencing. Your initial consultation is completely obligation free. 

Where to next?

Your financial planner brings it all together, comparing multiple products from leading financial service organizations,  to find the right products for you.

Your first meeting

Get to know your financial planner and obtain all the information you need before you decide to proceed. Ask questions, discuss your goals and tell your planner about your current situation. 

Your plan

Review your plan and choose a plan that suits you. Once you are ready, your plan is formalised and put into action. Additionally, you can choose an on-going service where you can review your plan annually, along with your financial planner. 

What does it cost?

Tailored to suit you

Since each plan is tailored to suit your own individual circumstances, costs vary with regards to your present situation and your future aspirations. In saying this, no one can understand financial pressures better than your financial planner, so a personalised payment plan can be developed upon your first consultation.

Ways you can pay ?

There are a number of different ways that you can pay for your plan. Many don’t require any out-of-pocket payment. Speak to your planner about how you might use one of these options to pay for your plan.

The cost of not having a plan ?

The right financial plan can really make a significant difference to your financial health, irrespective of what stage of life you are at. It can alter how easy it may be to achieve your goals and also help you to reach them faster. A financial plan is a valuable tool for your wealth and should not be compromised.